Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Big Decision

We're going to homeschool! I know, I know, WHAT?! I want to start by stating that I do not have anything at all against public school. The schools in our town are actually great and when we bought our house we bought in this area for a reason. That being said, I feel God has been leading me in this direction for quite some time and I've been ignoring Him and telling him there's no way, no how that homeschooling is ever going to happen with me. Well, He continued to put the information out there, right in front of my face, and yet I continued to ignore Him. He got to be too much to ignore!

At first my thoughts were to go ahead and let Katherine start Kindergarten at public school in the fall but after prayers and discussion with my husband we've decided that if since this is something we are going to do we need to jump in and fully commit. Realize, when I say we I really mean me because my husband has his doubts but trusts God enough to step back. Of course, this was after I told him that he could argue with God all he wanted but I was done with that and thoroughly exhausted from it!

My main worry/concern is how to handle the nay-sayers and the negative comments. I mean, I really shouldn't care what others think but its human nature and I'm terrified! Now hear me clearly, I'm not getting ready to go out and buy denim jumpers or anything of the sort. I'll still be me just me HOMESCHOOLING! That is not a phrase I ever thought I'd see! Of course, like I told my hubby, I also said I'd never drive a minivan but I do and I love it. As people grow and mature they change. I guess I'm going through one of those changes right now.

I could use tons of prayers as we journey into the world of homeschooling and even more prayers as I face the world confident in my decision.


P.S.  I do want comments just remember, if you are ugly or disrespectful that will only reflect poorly on yourself.


  1. I think it's a great decision! I have always thought that homeschooling was not for me but as Matthew grows and will be faced with kindergarten in a couple years I have seriously been looking into it more and learning what options are out there! It's a big step and I think you will do great at homeschooling! (and if you do go the denim jumper route I think the girls would look super cute! LOL)

  2. Congrats on your decision...and remember it is YOUR decision; not others. I stand beside you as my friend and I wish you much love and success in your journey....I believe homeschooling is one of those things that is right for some people and not for others.....and only each individual family knows what is right for them. I think you'll do great!

    Much love,

  3. Thanks Girls!

    Jen, I wish I had looked into it sooner! Its very overwhelming but I think I have found a curriculum I really like which seems to me to be the hardest step! I'm looking now for maybe a local group to get connected with and learn from others.

    I agree the girls would probably look adorable in the jumpers but I would look, well NOT adorable!LOL

    Emma, Thanks so much! I really need people on my side right now! I don't think I could handle much negative feedback @ the moment!

  4. I think that is great if you feel you are lead to do that and you can do it GO FOR IT!! who cares what others say!

    worse thing that can happen is you see you can not do it and you send her to public/private school in first grade.

    I have several friends who do it, one is a triplet mom whos has second graders this year. she loves it!

    If you need help or just want to talk to others who do it let me know and i can get you in contact with them.

    also you definetly need to go to that bookstore with me then, they have homeschool circulum CHEAP plus you can get credit with all your old books, movies, comp games, text books, cds, movies!

  5. I think it's great that you are going to homeschool. Mommy's are greatteachers! Ifyuo are looking for a homeschool great there is a great one at NVBC and there is also one called A Shepherd's Heart in M'boro. I have friends in both and they all love it! Best of luck!

  6. Hey, I jumped over here from Bring The Rain. I too am seriously contemplating (yes I am I just haven't said it out loud yet) homeschooling. I too live in Tennessee as well. So hopefully I can stop by your site and we can join in support!! I know I would love it!!!

  7. Paula,

    Absolutely! I faught it for a long time (at least 6 months) before I gave in! LOL I just felt like God kept putting it in front of me everytime I turned around! Good Luck with whatever decision you make! God Bless!

  8. We have home schooled since Kindergarten. I have some info on it that will be on a page HOME SCHOOL--soon. If you have any questions let me know.

    The people who question you at first may very well be the ones who think your children are the most well behaved, smart kids and they will secretly think you made the BEST decision.

    It is hardest for the people you love-family. In time they may understand and if they don't, only you have to answer to God for what He puts on your heart.

  9. Cheri,
    Thanks! I'm slowly getting prepared! I may hit you up with some questions soon!


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