Monday, August 31, 2009


We've had a great summer. Just a quick catch up post and then I'll do my best to be a better blogger!

*Trip to Arkansas in June for a family reunion and my 10 year high school reunion! Good Times...

*4th of July weekend we attended the Hall Family Reunion in Kansas City. The girls finally got to meet their Grandpa Gerald (Cory's Dad) and Great-Grandpa Roy and tons of other relatives Cory hadn't seen in 20+ years.

*On our way to Kansas City we stayed over in St Louis and went to the Arch. Katherine was FREAKED out, especially in the elevator. Kaydence was a little hesitant to look out the windows but Bridget screamed when we tried to take her away from the windows! LOL She was mesmerized at the views apparently.

*We finally took Kaydence's pacifier away at the end of July. She cried the first couple of days but she's fine now. The Paci Fairy came and took all her pacies and left her the biggest monkey I've ever seen and some sidewalk chalk.

*We bought Katherine and Kaydence bunk beds and they love 'em!

*Katherine started fall soccer with
One Goal Sports. She had her first game August 29th and she was too cute! She just needs to stop trying to touch the ball with her hands.

*Katherine is starting preschool tomorrow! She is so excited. She already has her lunches planned for the week.

*Bridget is my bravest child! She is definitely into more stuff than her sisters ever were, of course THEY are the ones teaching her all of their tricks (good and bad). She flung herself out of the crib the other night and was trying to climb to the top bunk with Katherine. I don't know what to do with her!

I think that's it for now. I promise to try and update more often than every 4 months. Scouts Honor!

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