Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend & Other Updates

***THIS POST WAS SUPPOSE TO SHOW UP A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO AND DIDN'T. SORRY! And I'm not sure why that pic refuses to rotate but I've tried several times and it won't save it...I think its time for a new computer!!***

We had a fabulous weekend. First, Friday night we got a sitter (so glad we bought this house...the sitter lives right next door!!) and we had dinner and did some shopping without the girls! Its amazing how relaxing going out to eat can be when you don't have 3 little ones tugging at you. Plus, we got to eat our dinner while it was still HOT!!

Saturday I made a Nutter Butter Banana Pudding-FROM SCRATCH-for Cory's work cookout. We feel really blessed to be part of this company. They take great care of their employees and their families!

Sunday we missed church because we over-slept. Kaydence got in bed with me around 1 am and I got no sleep because she likes to dig herself into your back and its extremely uncomfortable. But it turned into a pretty awesome day. We had lunch and then Cory and the girls took me shopping--for MYSELF! I rarely get to do that so it was a real treat. Plus, the girls were amazingly good until right before we were ready to head home. I got a couple of new outfits and some SHOES (big surprise there, right?)!

Yesterday we registered Katherine for preschool! She is so excited and wanted to stay right then. I can't believe my girl is ready for preschool already. Just one more short year and she'll be registering for Kindergarten.

Now some pics---then I really have to get some laundry done (The bane of my existence, I tell ya!)

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