Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, its been over a month since I last posted and in that month we decided we were ready to buy a house (no more throwing our money away on rent!). We found a house and we'll be closing on March 16th!! So much to do and not much time to do it in. Our lease is up at the end of the month so we'll have two weeks to move. My Mom and sister are coming up March 2oth and staying until the 24th. My Mom and sis are going to help me paint and my Mom will watch the girls while us young folk do the heavy lifting!
Prayers and fingers crossed all things go smoothly. Our inspection is tomorrow (well, today since its after midnight...I should be in bed!) and if that goes well then we'll get the appraisal set up. We don't see any reason this all won't go very smoothly and without hesitation but you really never know. I'll post pics as soon as we are in. There will be lots of before and after pics because I have big plans in my head! We'll see how much Cory is on board once we get in there...LOL!
Kaydence also had her 2nd birthday. I made her a monkey cake. No party...she's not that into groups of people anyway. We did take her to Red Robin and they sang to her. I don't think she really knew what to think of that situation!

New house!

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