Thursday, January 22, 2009

Its 11 pm, do you know where the cops are?

They were at MY house checking to make sure Bridget had the right prescription! Yeah, you read that right.

I am really ticked right now. This evening we picked up a RX for Bridget for an ear infection. Well, here I sit at 11 pm and there comes a loud knock at our door. I get Cory out of bed and we answer the door to find a police officer. Apparently the pharmacy screwed up and gave Bridget's RX to someone else (when I picked it up it was "missing" and I had to wait on them to fill it again). Our original RX went home with another man whose daughter had strep throat. Luckily he realized before he gave it to his dd that it had OUR daughter's name on it (along with our home about a personal safety issue!). I guess he called the police and gave them the info, I don't know.

I'm calling tomorrow and giving someone a piece of my mind but what else? I am beyond pissed! I'm sitting here at 1130 pm still trying to get my heartrate to slow because 1) a policeman was at my door at 11 pm, 2) I was freaking out thinking I had given my child the wrong Rx and 3) someone has our home address and knows we have a young daughter (I don't think this is a danger but it COULD have been, ya know?).

At this point I'm shaking I'm so mad. You have to trust your pharmacy as much as you trust your doctor (if not more so)! We're definitely changing pharmacies but I feel like this could have ended so much worse!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, trying to get on top of that!

Bridget seems fine by the way. We only knew she had an ear infection because she had her 9 month check up. She's finally up to 14 lbs 14 oz and growing! My littlest monkey is doing well.

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