Monday, October 27, 2008

Updates & Sick Babies

Bridget had her 6 month appt on Wednesday, October 22nd. She had lost 5 oz in two months so we were put on Preemie/High Calorie formula because the Dr thinks she wasn't getting enough through breastfeeding. We go back Monday, November 3rd and hopefully she will have gained weight. If not we will have to do other tests so we could all use your prayers on that front.

We could also use your prayers for all three girls at the moment! All of the girls have been vomiting since Sunday morning. Katherine argued that she wasn't sick because she didn't want to miss church. Cory stayed home from work today to help out and all four of my babies are now asleep in living room. If Bridget isn't better by morning I'll be taking her back to the Dr because she can't really afford to lose weight over this.

We had a great trip to Arkansas and are so glad to be home. Prayers over me as I try to build my MK business would be much appreciated!


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